About Polemarch

Turku, 21.02.2009, our first gig there. RIP TVO, one of the best venues in Finland ever.
Photo by Aleks Talve. http://alekstalve.net/

Valtteri - Guitar / Vesa - Bass / Jonne - Drums / Tim - Vocals / Peetu - Guitar

We are a band called Polemarch. We play hardcore/punk rock type of music with occasional indie rock influences. Or something. Listen by yourself and come up with some hip-sounding genre title!

We live in a cold, northern european country called Finland, located somewhere in between Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia, and our primary base of action lies in the city of Tampere. We have been playing since early 2008, and so far we have recorded two extended plays, played a shitload of gigs, and shared the stage with many very nice bands. Mostly in Finland but some in Russia, Latvia and Estonia too.

Discography so far:

"La Fiesta De Disfraces" cd ep, released on November 2008. Self-released.
"A Static Future" cd-r ep, released on May 2009. Self-released. (Sold out)

You can download our extended plays here.